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Harlem Globetrotters Rumors

The Harlem GlobeTrotters aren’t done searching for an answer to their manifesto or their request for an NBA franchise but with no answers yet to their letter, the Globies are looking to get back to work “Spreading Game”. Jeff Munn the Executive VP and GM of the GlobeTrotters says that they’re still looking to become NBA franchise and they’ve only just begun. “We’ve only just begun this campaign, it wasn’t a stunt,” Munn said during the press conference. “It was a statement. The Harlem GlobeTrotters, in 1948 and ‘49, we beat the world champions. Singlehandedly. We went out there and dominated. The second game, no contest. We beat the world champion twice. The NBA used to use the Harlem GlobeTrotters just to bring people through the door because they weren’t drawing fans. People were not interested, but they loved the GlobeTrotters.
When the NBA struggled to draw more than a few thousand fans, we agreed to schedule doubleheaders featuring the Globetrotters. As the NBA grew, you were able to attract the best Black players, but we remember who helped the NBA get it all started. Don’t get us wrong, we love what y’all have done recently and we are proud of how your players are standing up to make a difference in their communities. But don’t get it twisted; basketball would not be what it is today without us.
Congratulations on growing into a multi-billion-dollar industry with international endeavors and huge media deals. We’ve kept our heads down and focused on what means the most to us – world class basketball showmanship, uniting families and spreading joy of the game. So, if you really believe what you’ve been saying about social justice, going back to “normal” needs to look different. You can’t just act like we don’t exist anymore. It’s time to right the wrongs and rewrite history. It’s time for the NBA to honor what the Globetrotters have done for OUR sport, both here in the U.S. and around the globe.