Harlem Globetrotters Rumors

The idea that a basketball team would prefer to lose rather than win — and would do so by any means possible — is repugnant to Sam Worthen. “I’m not a fan of that at all,” Worthen said of the draft lottery-focused, race to the bottom embraced by some NBA teams as the season wanes. “That’s not right. It goes against competition. To me, that’s cheating the fans. You give 100 percent all the time. That’s just my personal opinion.” Sam Worthen is the coach of the Washington Generals. Not familiar with the Washington Generals? If you’ve heard of the Harlem Globetrotters, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Generals. They are the Globetrotters’ perennial sparring partners, sad-sack straight men to basketball’s crown princes of comedy.
Harlem Globetrotters Zeus McClurkin and Dizzy English hit the hardwood in Oakland to show Klay how to get wet from 4-point distance (30 FEET) … but it looked like the Splash Bro had it covered. The best part of the vid was definitely when Zeus asked Klay if he thought the NBA should add a 4-point line. Thompson’s answer — “I think it would only really benefit us.”
You played your rookie year alongside Meadowlark Lemon. What are your fondest memories of him as a teammate? Lou Dunbar: It was great playing with someone that you had idolized on television. He definitely revolutionized our showmanship and was just all around a great guy. I remember when he would do his hook shot and make the crowd go crazy. He was definitely the star.
You’ve also been an animated cartoon character, in Hanna-Barbera’s The Super Globetrotters in 1979. What was that like? Lou Dunbar: That was a pretty big deal. I was the guy who pulled stuff out of my Afro. I will never forget one of the episodes, when we were traveling in the Middle East and this merchant had given us a ride on his wagon. When we got to our destination he wanted to get paid. He didn’t ask for money. He wanted three pigs, five chickens and a cow. So I reached into my Afro and pulled the animals out. Nate Branch, one of my teammates, looked at me and said, “Sweet Lou, you’re better than travelers’ checks.”