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Cindy Westphal: At 4am I woke up with a splitting headache. I’ve never met Monty Williams before but found myself texting him at 5:15am to cancel his visit with Paul today. He immediately responded with “no worries.” All I could think was….oh great, I just woke up Coach Williams. I got back to him at 8am to say my horrible headache is gone and I’m feeling fine again….had no other symptoms….that it was more like a transient stress headache than a migraine, so if he still wants to visit this afternoon, come on by.
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Former NBA player Nikola Pekovic hospitalized

Former EuroLeague champion Nikola Pekovic is hospitalized in serious condition after being infected with coronavirus according to Serbian website Telegraf. Telegraf reports that Pekovic, currently the team manager of the Montenegrin national team, has inflammation of both of his lungs and is breathing with the help of a respirator. He was admitted to a hospital in Podgorica, Montenegro 15 days ago with COVID-19 symptoms and his condition deteriorated over that period.
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