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While it’s true that the NBA has a likely ally in Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, you never quite know where the political winds might shift. A couple of phone calls shuts the NBA’s business down, as so many businesses have been shut down around the country. I had Henry Abbott of TrueHoop on my podcast and he made a point that few others have made: Silver has been fairly politically neutral of late, despite his reputation as the progressive commissioner. The theory Abbott espoused was that this has something to do with the NBA needing allies in government to make this bubble a reality. Many NBA players (and fans) might hate President Donald Trump, but Silver can’t afford to be seen as a Trump enemy right now. As mentioned before, the federal government has the power to undermine the NBA’s operation.
Storyline: Orlando Bubble
The TrueHoop Network was a core piece of’s approach to the sport for a decade, after hiring Henry Abbott and buying it in 2007. Originally a collection of team blogs, the Network expanded into TrueHoop Presents (focused on off-beat enterprise stories), TrueHoop TV (a short-lived live video chat format) and the TrueHoop Podcast, run by Hoye. Abbott, deputy director of NBA content, was one of the layoffs. The result was the deconstruction of the TrueHoop brand. A person with knowledge of the situation says ESPN executives hadn’t even considered the podcast in killing the TrueHoop brand, but they heard about it quickly enough. A Reddit was launched, and a Mashable article expressed the thoughts of many fans with its headline: “ESPN killed something else with its layoffs, its best hope to reach millennials.” An overstatement to be sure, but the move echoed the 2015 demise of Grantland in alienating young readers and listeners.
Storyline: Media Layoffs