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Henry Thomas Rumors

Chris Bosh: I’ll be honest: I left everything on the court with that speech. But that’s not to say I didn’t leave a thing or two out. Not on purpose—it’s just that when you’re trying to fit a lifetime of gratitude into a speech, there’s always going to be something—or someone—you end up kicking yourself for not mentioning. For me, that person is my agent Henry Thomas. A kind, thoughtful, honest man in an industry that doesn’t always reward those traits, Hank became a role model from the moment he signed me—and even though he’s gone, I still often find myself asking: “What would Hank do?”
Chris Bosh: After I ended up in Toronto, Hank would visit at least once every month. Depending on where I was at, we’d shoot the shit or have a tough conversation about the future, the kind I couldn’t imagine having with anyone else. When I think about the life-altering decisions I made throughout my career, there’s always a moment with Hank—a dinner, a phone call—to go along with it, one that helped me get to the point of making that choice in the first place. Same thing goes for the mistakes. I could always count on Hank to give it to me straight in the aftermath of a misstep. I can hear him saying Yeah, man, you messed up in my head, clear as day: nothing on it, no spin or judgment, just a simple fact. I’ve come across plenty of people in positions like Hank’s over the course of my career, and I promise you many of them wouldn’t be able to do the same, because they put themselves before everything and everyone else. Hank never did.
Dwyane Wade promised a documentary with unprecedented access and never-seen footage, and he certainly delivered. The film on Wade’s life – which ESPN will air at 9 p.m on Feb. 23 after a screening for fans at AmericanAirlines Arena earlier that day – shows us Wade speaking with agent Henry Thomas (now deceased) throughout the 2010 free agent process, when Wade met with multiple teams and told Thomas: “I’ve never seen Pat Riley so nervous.” It shows Wade watching LeBron James’ 2010 special announcing he was “taking my talents to South Beach,” with Wade insisting he wasn’t certain James would even pick Miami, and Wade’s joyful reaction suggesting as much.