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Pacers keeping GM Kevin Pritchard

The Indiana Pacers had a disappointing 20-21 season in which they fired Nate Bjorkgren as head coach after one season, but Kevin Pritchard will remain in his role running the front office. “Let me say a few things about Indiana,” said Brian Windhorst. “One, I know Kevin Pritchard, their general manager, came out and gave a press conference and made it sound like his future was in some sort of doubt there. That is no longer the case. He has been assured he will be there. I don’t think he was ever really in danger. Herb Simon, who is the owner of the team, is extremely close to him. They have an extremely close relationship. It doesn’t mean they couldn’t make a change. Without going too far, I will say Kevin Pritchard has been assured he’s going to be there.”
7 days ago via RealGM
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“And I think when you’re in a game like the NBA, it really requires a lot of energy, the ability to travel a lot and that kind of thing, and to get up early and go to work every day, and then to stay long for games. I just didn’t have what it took to do that anymore. So I had to admit it. “So I called up (owner) Herb Simon and Kevin (Pritchard), and told them I just can’t come back. That’s all. And also, because of my career — I’ve had 60 years in basketball — and as a result, I’ve always been in and out with my family. I just thought I’d like to spend the complete time with different members of my family and have the ability to do that. So that was the real reason I did it.”