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Donald Trump may be beating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in fundraising towards November’s election overall in the United States… but that is not so in the NBA. Per our research from the Federal Election Commission‘s data, Trump is once again struggling with the NBA constituency, as was the case back in 2016 when donors from the league sided their financial contributions heavily to Hillary Clinton, who raised over $1.4 million from NBA donors.
So far towards this election, Trump only has four NBA donors, all members of ownership groups. The highest of those donations is $5,600 from Orlando Magic chairman Dan DeVos, a name that might sound familiar as Betsy Devos, Dan’s sister-in-law, is Trump’s Secretary of Education. Other NBA donations for Trump thus far are $2,800 Indiana Pacers vice-chairman James Morris, $200 from Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta and $318.75 from Los Angeles Lakers part-owner James Buss. In total, Trump has raised $8,918.75 from NBA donors.
Hillary Clinton reacted to the horrible news of Kobe Bryant’s death the same way as everyone else — she was stunned, momentarily speechless … then heartbroken. The former Secretary of State was at Sundance in Park City, UT Sunday following the premiere of her new docuseries, “Hillary” … and we broke the tragic news to her. Hillary came back around later and touched on the passing of the NBA legend, saying she couldn’t believe it until she checked her phone … and felt anguished that it was real. She called Kobe’s death an “incredible loss … in every way,” echoing the sentiments of millions still reeling from the sad news.
But don’t expect Curry to be involved in 2020 campaigning, as James and J.R. Smith, the Cleveland Cavaliers guard, were for Hillary Clinton in 2016. “Let’s just say that I don’t have a relationship with anybody that’s running,” Curry said. “Maybe that will develop over time. But I haven’t gotten into that game yet.” But he did say the stakes of the next presidential election were “extremely high,” “especially with how these last four years have been in terms of exposing a lot of nastiness that still exists in our country.”
As part of The Ringer’s NBA Previewpalooza marathon leading up to NBA tipoff, Roy Hibbert appeared on The Watch podcast live and relayed some information about how former teammate Kobe Bryant called the result of the 2016 presidential election. Hibbert said Kobe did not just predict the result, but laid out to Hibbert why Trump would win, even pointing out the states that Hillary Clinton did not visit and how she would lose those, despite Kobe’s wish that she would win. After Trump won, Hibbert received a text from Kobe that simply read, “I told you so.”
But that has never been the approach of the well-traveled Kerr, who was born in Beirut, lived in Egypt, and hasn’t shied away from political commentary, especially not in the wake of President-elect Donald Trump’s victory earlier this month. “People ask us, so why shouldn’t I answer? I have this forum. If there’s something important to speak on, then I think we should speak on it,” Kerr told David Axelrod on “The Axe Files” podcast, produced by CNN and the University of Chicago Institute of Politics. “In this case, I felt it was important to address not the politics of the election, but the nature of the election cycle. It’s the first time in my life that the election was not about policy, or even personality. It was about anger. It was about fear. And I was disgusted.”
“If the president of the country can make remarks that are hateful and offensive, then it sort of rubber stamps it for a lot of people and that’s scary,” he said. “I’m not the authority on any of this, but what I do feel strongly about is a level of respect that has to exist between candidates but also between people,” he added. “I’m a Democrat. I’ve got lots of friends who are Republicans. We have really great, healthy conversations. There’s a respect level. That’s how it should be. Again, people voting on policy? Absolutely. But the nature, the tenor of this election was ugly and nasty and it’s scary in terms of what direction that is going to take.”
Through Sunday, according to Turner Sports PR, the clip, between the NBA on TNT’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, had 95 million social media impressions and 16 million video views. That’s the most social engagement any NBA on TNT segment has ever had. “I didn’t do this with the intention of getting response on social media,” Johnson said in an interview on Friday. “All we were doing was what everyone in this country was doing, processing this election. And the way I processed this election, because it is who I am, I had to include my spiritual take on this. That’s what’s given me perspective on this. I believe whoever is in the White House, God is in charge. That’s me. And I voiced that on TV.”
“I could have taken a safe way and said I did not like the choices and that maybe there will be a difference from Campaign Trump and the President Trump,” Johnson said. “But that’s not the only way I processed the election. I processed it by, no matter who is the President of the United States, I serve the God on the throne, and that’s me. If I am not bold enough at that point to say what I said, then I have failed. I realize we have a basketball show but in this case it was more than a basketball show. It was one of the biggest events we will ever see and this is how I processed it. Did I think if I went down this road, some people will be mad? Yes. That is the way it is. I was just being me.”
He said “his city” is better than this and pleads for those causing chaos to choose a peaceful alternative. “Portland has been a great place since I’ve been here and long before, but this type of activity doesn’t even seem to fit the description of Portland,” Lillard said. “Especially when the majority of the people here voted for Hillary. So if this is an anti-Trump rally, then you’re probably harming the people that you side with in most cases. So again I share the same worry, but I don’t think this is the solution.”
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Andrew Bogut on his vote if he happened to have one and the shocking result “I wouldn’t have voted for either. I would love to have been able to take a little bit from every candidate and mold them into one. That’s a pipe dream for every person. Because I think Trump has some good policies, especially around bringing jobs back here and taxing companies that go ex-pat and by to take their labor to China or whatever. I think that’s great because I think it’s going to help American people in the long run. Keep jobs. And then Clinton has some good things too, but you can’t mold them into one person unfortunately.”
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Why do you think many are surprised by the outcome? “I think there’s surprise because the mainstream media’s ingrained in everyone’s head that it was going to be an avalanche for Democrats. You know, mainstream media, it’s not secret. Every portion of the mainstream media is heavily left. There’s a huge bias. So I think, to say he was 20-to-1, 15-to-1, 10-to-1, I think that played a part in it. No one trusts the mainstream media anymore. I don’t trust them. I got in trouble two weeks ago because of who I follow. I’ve got some far left follows, like yourself. I’ve got some far right follows. I’ve got some conservatives. I try to read a little bit from all aspects and then by to figure out what the hell really happened… I was getting killed for that because I had some far right, and I’m like, I really don’t care.”
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Embiid also spoke about his feelings on Donald Trump winning the election, and his view of his America since coming to the United States and experiencing it for himself. “I always thought that the US was amazing and just a dream…I thought it was heaven. Coming here, you know, the U.S. is still nice. But it’s not like what I thought it was—shat it was going to be…With the election going on, Donald Trump just got elected. I mean, I don’t usually get into politics, but the way he’s been acting, talking…about racism, or women…It’s just hard to understand why people elected him. It’s just like…I feel like racism isn’t over…It’s just a shame.”
James won three championships while Obama was in office and visited the White House after every win. He endorsed and campaigned for Hillary Clinton prior to Tuesday’s election in part because of his dislike of Trump. He denounced Trump’s treatment of women during the campaign and said Friday he stayed up until 4 a.m. with his wife watching the returns on election night. Despite his endorsement and attendance at a Clinton rally in the days before the election, Trump won Ohio after Obama carried it in 2008 and 2012. “It’s difficult watching, period,” James said. “It’s very difficult seeing what happened not only in our state but our country. It is what it is. That’s the past. We’ve got to live in the present and (figure out) how we can make the future better.”
Former Dubs center Andrew Bogut, back in the building as a member of the Mavs, didn’t strike nearly as diplomatic a tone when asked about the mood of team owner and Clinton supporter, Mark Cuban. “He’s been alright. He’s a little sad. His girl lost. So he’s been a little down, we’re trying to pick him up.”
“Yesterday was a crazy night,” Ginobili said at shoot around Wednesday. “We are all still hungover from the political environment.” Ginobili, who is from Argentina and couldn’t vote because he’s not an American citizen, said that he’s used to big election day surprises. “In Argentina, the same happened a year ago,” Ginobili said. “The polls went basically all wrong and it was a big surprise, especially in primaries. So we were trained, Argentinians, for surprises.”
Pau Gasol, who is from Spain and also couldn’t vote, said that the results of the election caught a lot of people off guard. “I think a lot of people were surprised by the outcome, especially outside of the U.S.,” Gasol said. “We’ll see what happens, you got to trust that the new president will do the best for the country, and let’s just hope for the best.”
The Spurs host the Houston Rockets at AT&T Center on Wednesday evening, after having dropped their last two home games. Gasol said that despite everything going on, he and his teammates must remain focused on their jobs right now. “What’s most important for me right now is preparing for the game tonight, making sure we win, we protect home,” Gasol said. “I focus on my life, really understanding that there’s a lot going on outside, important stuff, stuff that could effect the lives of many, not just in the country, but also outside of the country, because the U.S. is such a powerful country and such an influential country. I control what I can control. I focus on my life and try to do the best that I can at my job and what I do.”
LeBron James: As I woke up today looking and searching for answers on what has happened this song hit it right on the head! If we continue the faith(as hard as it may be to do so) we will BE ALRIGHT!! Parents and leaders of our children please let them know they can still change the world for the better! Don’t lose a bit of faith! They’re our future and we must remain stronger than ever!! Yes we all wanna lace up the boots, put on the hard hats and strike but that’s not the answer. Love, genuine LOVE and FAITH will be the only thing that can get us through this. Minorities and Women in all please know that this isn’t the end, it’s just a very challenging obstacle that we will overcome!! The man above will never put something in our paths that we can handle no matter how difficult it may feel/be! To all the youth out there I PROMISE I’ll continue to lead u guys every single day without no hesitation!! Time to educate and even more mold my children into being the greatest model citizens they can become in life! They will continue the legacy beyond life! Lastly, Even if whos now in office doesn’t, Know that I LOVE YOU’LL!!!

One day after an emotional and polarizing presidential election, Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens revealed he did not support Presidential-elect Donald Trump. “It wasn’t my vote,” Stevens said Wednesday. “Let’s put it that way.” Stevens hardly ever discusses anything political. He typically avoids ruffling feathers on either side. “The advice that I’ve always been given is don’t talk about politics and religion,” he said. “And those are hard not to talk about right now.”
Today is election day and here is a sample of how a couple of Griz players view their choice for president. Their responses will remain anonymous. Player A: “Hillary Clinton. She’s the best for us. Trump’s not for us. If he could put us all on a slave boat and send us to our homeland he would.” Player B: “Hillary Clinton. There are a lot of different reasons but it will be nice to have a woman president to represent our country. With all of the things she’s capable of doing, I have faith in that in terms of changing our system in America.”
In recent weeks, there have been increasing whispers that one of the Bucks’ tri-majority owners, Marc Lasry, may relinquish some of his duties, if not all of them, with the professional basketball team if Hillary Clinton becomes president. Clinton has a slight lead over Donald Trump in a highly contentious race. Election day is Tuesday. It’s no secret Lasry is a staunch Democrat and strong supporter of both Hillary and former President Bill Clinton. The Center for Responsive Politics reported Lasry has donated nearly $500,000 to Democratic candidates.
This isn’t the first time Lasry’s name has surfaced for a government position. In 2013, he was under consideration to be the United States’ ambassador to France. He withdrew his name, reportedly because of business considerations. Lasry is the chairman, chief executive office and co-founder of Avenue Capital Group. His company is based in New York City and has offices around the world, including Munich, Milan and Madrid. His group allegedly manages assets of nearly $11 billion. Lasry, who was born in Morocco before immigrating to the U.S. when he was 7 years old, and Wes Edens became co-owners of the Milwaukee Bucks in April 2014.
Three-time NBA champ and Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James is set to appear with Hillary Clinton in Cleveland this Sunday, two sources with information on the event told New York Magazine. James and Clinton will appear together at a get-out-the-vote rally at the Public Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio in the late afternoon. This will be James’s first appearance with Clinton. In fact, a source says, the two have never met.
Election season in the swing state of Pennsylvania got the best of the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday when a motorcade, believed to be escorting Vice President Joe Biden from a Hillary Clinton rally in nearby Bucks County, caused some of the team to be delayed on their way to their game against the Philadelphia 76ers. After their bus was stopped for more than 20 minutes waiting for the motorcade to pass by, Kyrie Irving, J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert left the bus along with team security personnel and hopped in an Uber to finish their trip to the Wells Fargo Center, arriving approximately 65 minutes before tipoff.
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LeBron James’ message to Hillary Clinton supporters Sunday in Cleveland could be one of encouragement for African-Americans to vote. “A lot of times black people don’t vote because they don’t feel like their votes count,” James told cleveland.com. “You talk to a black person and they say ‘I’m not voting because I don’t think my vote matters.’ That’s my message, that voting does matter. We just want to feel like our votes matter.”
Dallas Mavericks center Andrew Bogut has started following a whole mess of alt-right and alt-right adjacent accounts on Twitter of late, a veritable rogues’ gallery of trolls, the chronically misinformed, thudding men’s right’s activists, and conspiracy mongers that have ridden the Trump train to a bleak sort of insular prominence. And boy did Bogut’s ears perk up on Monday night when a few users pointed out what appears to be his swing towards the 4chan wing of American politics. Bogut, of course, got mad online.