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Donald Trump may be beating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in fundraising towards November’s election overall in the United States… but that is not so in the NBA. Per our research from the Federal Election Commission‘s data, Trump is once again struggling with the NBA constituency, as was the case back in 2016 when donors from the league sided their financial contributions heavily to Hillary Clinton, who raised over $1.4 million from NBA donors.
So far towards this election, Trump only has four NBA donors, all members of ownership groups. The highest of those donations is $5,600 from Orlando Magic chairman Dan DeVos, a name that might sound familiar as Betsy Devos, Dan’s sister-in-law, is Trump’s Secretary of Education. Other NBA donations for Trump thus far are $2,800 Indiana Pacers vice-chairman James Morris, $200 from Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta and $318.75 from Los Angeles Lakers part-owner James Buss. In total, Trump has raised $8,918.75 from NBA donors.
Hillary Clinton reacted to the horrible news of Kobe Bryant’s death the same way as everyone else — she was stunned, momentarily speechless … then heartbroken. The former Secretary of State was at Sundance in Park City, UT Sunday following the premiere of her new docuseries, “Hillary” … and we broke the tragic news to her. Hillary came back around later and touched on the passing of the NBA legend, saying she couldn’t believe it until she checked her phone … and felt anguished that it was real. She called Kobe’s death an “incredible loss … in every way,” echoing the sentiments of millions still reeling from the sad news.
But don’t expect Curry to be involved in 2020 campaigning, as James and J.R. Smith, the Cleveland Cavaliers guard, were for Hillary Clinton in 2016. “Let’s just say that I don’t have a relationship with anybody that’s running,” Curry said. “Maybe that will develop over time. But I haven’t gotten into that game yet.” But he did say the stakes of the next presidential election were “extremely high,” “especially with how these last four years have been in terms of exposing a lot of nastiness that still exists in our country.”