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Myles Powell, Andrew Nicholson to Hong Kong

Burack: If you had known that speaking out would have cost you your NBA career, would you have still done it? Enes Kanter Freedom: I would do this every time. No question. Why? While they are playing basketball right now, there is a genocide happening on the other side of the ocean. There are three to four million people in concentration camps who are tortured every day. And Uyghurs are not the only ones — you see what’s happening in places like Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan and Mongolians. So this is bigger than my next paycheck. Of course I would do it all over again.
Tsai’s assertion that the Hong Kong protests are an independence movement is disputed by many activists and China experts who seek to hold China to promises for free elections and assembly, among other rights. “His hinting that the uprising in Hong Kong is because of foreign powers is completely false,” Law said. “Hong Kong people have their own demands. They want democracy.” Tsai is convinced that “self-determination for Hong Kong” is part of Law’s “manifesto,” according to a source close to Tsai.
Speaking on a panel at the 2021 Hong Kong FinTech Week conference, Tsai said the direct-to-consumer trend has led to an “explosion” of data collection by companies across sectors as they try to provide more tailored customer experiences and shorten their manufacturing cycles. Alibaba owns the Post. “The trend really drives the whole movement towards digitisation of the business world. When you talk to senior management of various companies, they say they use data to drive decision-making,” said Tsai, who took part virtually. “Getting closer to the customer is no longer a need. It is a necessity.”
Artificial intelligence (AI) also is helping companies better understand and address their risks – another necessity for companies who want to offer financial services, Tsai said. For example, AI can help identify potentially fraudulent activity in the payment space, as well as help identify risky behaviour that is not worth underwriting when it comes to lending to consumers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), he said. “Every tech company that purports to be ‘techfin’ or get into financial services, your risk management is different from chat or short-form video,” Tsai said. “It is very, very hard to do.”