HoopsHype Rumors

In the lead-up to the NBA trade deadline, Kevin Durant scans Twitter and HoopsHype.com for the latest chatter. It was especially enjoyable this season because he wasn’t worried about the Warriors making a major move. “That’s what happens when you’re on a good team,” Durant said after shoot-around Thursday. “You don’t want to mess anything up. Nobody here was worried.”
Still, Myers might have given players reason to be nervous by lurking around Wednesday’s practice. “We did lose a couple of games, so you never know,” center Andrew Bogut joked. “No, you never know what happens in this business. I’ve been on teams that were playing well before the All-Star break, and they blew it up. I’ve been on teams that were horrible, and they didn’t do anything. It’ll be interesting. “I’ll check Hoops Hype when I wake up (Thursday) and make sure my photo is not on there and then go to practice.”