Howard Beck Rumors

Howard Beck on Kings: Ownership there, Vivek Ranadive has been a meddler in the past, but everything I’ve been told is that this new front office has full autonomy to do whatever they need to do. If that’s trade, some of these players like Harrison Barnes and Buddy Hield and start to retool around Fox and Haliburton, they’ve got the freedom to do that.
Storyline: Buddy Hield Trade?
Digiday’s Sahil Patel followed up by reporting that most of the layoffs took place in B/R’s editorial operations department, largely affecting the copy editing staff and other such roles that process the many articles submitted by the site’s contributors. That would appear to be in line with Bleacher Report’s intention of reducing its “user generation” content to focus resources more on established professional writers such as Mike Freeman and Howard Beck, along with original video content, as the site continues to evolve.