Ignas Brazdeikis Rumors

“The New York Knicks’ decision to ban New York Daily News journalists from RJ Barrett’s and Ignas Brazdeikis’ introductory news conference Friday was unprofessional and unacceptable. James Dolan, the owner of the Knicks franchise, previously has said that barring Daily News employees from media availabilities sends the Daily News ‘a message.’ In reality, the only message he is sending is that he is a bully who retaliates against legitimate news outlets that publish content he dislikes. Members of the Professional Basketball Writers Association support our Daily News colleagues, and we condemn the Knicks’ attempts to hinder journalists’ ability to do their jobs and inform the public.”
“We laid out a plan when (GM) Scott (Perry) came on board and then (coach) David (Fizdale) joined us that we were going to build this team the right way,” Mills said. “We were going to draft well and we were going to be diligent about how we build this team and not take any short cuts and not follow a path. We believe (Barrett and second-round pick Ignas Brazdeikis) are a part of that process, the young guys we added over the last two years and the draft picks we acquired.”