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[Victor Oladipo] resumed on-court work two months ago, but it’s all been one-on-zero. In other words, he hasn’t been challenged by a defense or had to react to an opponent’s movement. “Ah, I’m getting there,” he said, obviously hesitant to share any more. “I’m working my way there. You can’t rush these things, you just got to take your time. At the end of the day, Rome wasn’t built in one day.”
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And while Oladipo has not publicly set a timeline to return, he’s eagerly awaiting the day when he can suit up again and rejoin his teammates on the floor, something he hasn’t done since Jan. 23. “I’m just excited to play basketball again, honestly,” Oladipo said as campers were nearby doing station drills. “Just go out there and compete at the highest level possible. I got a lot to let go so I’m looking forward to letting it go.”
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CM: And then we don’t talk anymore about his injury history, either. I mean, right before you took the job that was a significant concern, like would his legs be able to hold up. It doesn’t seem to be a variable with him anymore. Scott Brooks: When I took the job, you hear all the rumblings. ‘Brad’s not tough enough. He’s had injuries, you’re going to have him for 50 to 60 games. John and Brad don’t get along.’ Those things that you hear about all the time. One of the things that I saw with Brad from the day one, he practices every day and he basically played every game for the last three years. I think he missed two games since my first year.
David Thorpe: I saw the video last week of DeMarcus Cousins falling down with a reportedly torn ACL. He was not touched. But as someone who has been involved with summer basketball since 1988, I must admit that I’m confused to see so many professionals playing full-court 5-on-5 in the summer. Players would be better off not playing these games. If we can agree that the in-season schedule is at least part of the reason for some of the injuries players have absorbed, can we also agree that in general, games themselves come with more risk than workouts?
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Mychal Thompson recently talked about his son’s rehab from a ruptured ACL in Game 6 of the NBA Finals on the NBC Sports Bay Area Warriors Insider podcast. “He’s walking normally and he’s very optimistic and enthusiastic about getting back late next season,” Thompson said. Thompson said Klay probably won’t be on the court doing full-court drills until late December or January. That would fall on the early side of the typical recovery period for ACL surgery, which is six to nine months.
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