Inside The NBA Rumors

Three years ago, Audrey Martin, a senior digital producer at Turner Sports, walked into the office of Craig Barry, the chief content officer at Turner Sports, and presented him with an idea for a podcast series focusing on the history of the program. “Three years ago, when we knew the 30th anniversary of ‘Inside the NBA’ was fast approaching, we wanted to find a way to celebrate the longevity of the show,” Martin said. “Given the fact that I was actually born in 1989, there was so much about the history of ‘Inside’ that I didn’t know. I assumed that had to be a story fans would love to hear as well. The original idea was to release an oral history as a podcast. We sat (host) Ernie (Johnson) and TK (longtime show producer Tim Kiely) down in a sound studio for what was supposed to be a 30-minute conversation. They talked for almost two hours, laughing and sharing stories of how the show came to be. I immediately knew we had something special.”
Fans of the show will appreciate the culling of 3o-plus years of footage. Barry said the doc’s co-executive producer and Turner Sports creative director Drew Watkins was an advocate of breaking the story into four chapters, likening the evolution of the show to jazz, with one on-air staffer adding improvisation to create a new sound to the show. “Because of the way each of them came in and joined the show, which was years apart from each other, that was the obvious delineation of when the show changed,” Barry said. “Each of the entrances of the primary talents — and Ernie becoming host after the merry-go-round of hosts — were the most pivotal moments in the show’s history. We thought that it made sense for those to be the delineation of the four episodes.”