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Paul rang again. This time, Davis not only didn’t answer, he sent it straight to voicemail. But then it hit the 26-year-old superstar. After all, his name had only been in trade discussions for months. “Now I’m blowing up (Paul’s) phone,” he said. So, when he couldn’t reach Paul, Davis popped open Instagram. That’s when he found out he’d been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers and would be teaming up with LeBron James.
Nearly every day for the past month, James has posted a video to his Instagram Story of a different teenager or young adult with experience in business, social justice, or philanthropy, letting them share their passions, work, and wisdom. The Instagram Story expires after 24 hours, but James has saved them under Instagram’s new Highlights feature pinned to his profile. The first video posted to the campaign came from Kheris Rogers, an 11-year-old who started an anti-bullying-focused clothing company called “Flexin’ in my Complexion” after she was bullied because of her skin color.