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I listened to Smith’s take on that episode, and it struck me that these were deep thoughts for someone who recently turned 20. It made me think that this is an NBA rookie who is especially prepared for the temptations and consequences of his coming fame. “The more technology progresses, the more humans digress,” Smith said. “I don’t got Snapchat right now. Just because I check myself on it — I’m scrolling too much. I’m spending too much time on it. I got Twitter and Instagram, more so for business purposes now, but in college I deleted both of them. I was on it too much, spent too much time on it. It shouldn’t be that prominent in my life where I’m scrolling on it or I’m checking on it first thing in the morning. It ain’t real.
SLAM: The way information spreads these days leads to a ton of noise around basically every single thing you do. What do you do to block that out and just focus on the things that matter? LeBron: I really don’t get involved in it, man. If I send out a tweet, I don’t read comments. I don’t go in to look at how many—what is it, retweets, or likes, or whatever it’s called. If I send out an Instagram post, I don’t really check to see how many likes I get. When I send something out, it’s either from the passion of how I’m feeling or what I think needs to be said. I know it’s a lot of noise out there, but it’s all white noise to me. I don’t really get involved in it and I don’t really pay attention to it.
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The drama between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving appears headed to an ugly breakup, and in this age of social media, a breakup isn’t official until the “unfollow” button is clicked. On Tuesday, NBA fans took notice to the fact that Kyrie Irving isn’t following LeBron James on Instagram. While it’s impossible to tell if Irving unfollowed LeBron without an earlier screenshot, it’s definitely suspect as Irving follows his other Cavaliers teammates.
Storyline: LeBron-Kyrie Dynamic
In the wake of recent comments made on Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott’s Instagram account, in which Scott appeared to challenge a fan to a fight, Scott claimed his account was compromised and the comments were made by someone else. Scott said he wasn’t sure who made the comments and that he doesn’t manage the account, but he said those close to him who do manage the account have told him that the issue has been resolved. “I don’t deal with that electronic stuff and the technology of today, I’m not real up on [it],” Scott said before the 9-37 Lakers faced the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday at Staples Center. “But I guess I’ll ask them a little bit more what’s going on with my Instagram and Facebook and all that other stuff.”
The following message was posted on Scott’s Instagram account Tuesday: “As you know through all of the social media stuff, there was someone that got my password to respond back to a fan as if it were me. That would never happen from my end. We have gotten it corrected. My social media is only for positive and uplifting things only! God Bless Lakers nation & have a great day!”