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Isaia Cordinier Rumors

Cordinier said that’s a situation he might be open to, depending on the specifics of the team drafting him. There’s also the off chance he could still withdraw from the draft, as the NBA’s deadline to withdraw, for players who aren’t looking to retain college eligibility, is June 13th. “My goal is to reach the first round. That’s what I work for every day. That’s my only goal for this summer,” Cordinier said. “I will see what’s going on after the workouts [and decide]”.
“He’s a high energy kid, who plays with a lot of passion and a lot of emotion,” said Marc Eversley, the Philadelphia 76ers vice president of player personnel, who brought Cordinier in for a workout this past week. “[He] can make shots, and he’s a high twitch guy,” Eversley continued, referring to Cordinier’s quick reflexes and reaction time. Eversley also referred to Cordinier as a strong leaper capable of making plays at the rim.
Storyline: Draft Workouts