Isaiah Stewart Rumors

Stewart, 19, has described himself as the “biggest sleeper” in the draft, as most projections have him being selected late in the first round. Not long ago, he was the Naismith Prep Player of the Year as a senior at La Lumiere School, a private school in La Porte, Ind. But in his only season at Washington, the Huskies struggled to a 15-17 record. Stewart averaged 17 points and 8.8 rebounds per game while shooting 57 percent from the field. “It was a down season at U.W.,” Stewart said, “so people sort of forgot who Isaiah Stewart was, what I’ve been doing against the top players and how I’ve always killed the competition, killed matchups and dominated every other player at my position. So that’s why I feel like I’m a sleeper. I just have to remind them. I have to wake them back up.”
Isaiah Stewart, a throwback 6-foot-9 power forward/center out of upstate Rochester, isn’t the type who aspires to drive a fancy sports car. But his University of Washington head coach, Mike Hopkins, thinks Stewart is already a Ferrari — comparing his ferocious play to the Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell. “He’s got a motor like a Ferrari,’’ Hopkins told The Post. “It’s the relentlessness. He just plays so hard. He reminds me of a bigger version of Montrezl and a little Bam Adebayo. Probably not as skilled as Bam because he could handle it, but the same motor. It’s a relentlessness you can’t teach. It’s a mindset.’’ According to sources, the broad-shouldered 250-pounder has emerged as a strong candidate for the Knicks at No. 27 in the Nov. 18 draft, partly because the 19-year-old is likely to be there.