Isiah Thomas Rumors

Thomas is hoping that Irving shrugs it off this week better than he did during his quick turnaround 33 years ago. The former Knicks president and coach, and current owner of Cheurlin Champagne, sees in Irving an old-soul artist who plays a game that most modern-day stars don’t play. “Kyrie is an original who has created his own lane,” Thomas said. “He’s an outlier like I was, like Magic and Oscar [Robertson] were, guys who had their own style and then others come behind them and replicate it. Kyrie plays jazz with the basketball.”
“He was always bringing up questions that had to make me think. … I was like, wait a minute, let me think about this for a second,” Scott said. “It wasn’t your everyday or normal questions that you normally expect from somebody that age. … He wanted to ask you certain things that he felt that could help him in the future. It wasn’t, ‘How was it like playing against Michael Jordan.’ Those are easy questions.” “He had difficult questions. ‘When you used to play against Isiah Thomas, why did you always try to guard him straight up instead of force him one way or another?’ I was like, ‘What? What are you watching, what you been looking at?’ But that was Kobe.”

Isiah Thomas on Nets' title chances: They're the favorite

Especially with Harden — whom I’ve argued is their Most Valuable Player — firing on all cylinders again. “They’re the favorite. They have the most talent,” two-time NBA champion Isiah Thomas told me at the end of our conversation about Kyrie Irving’s offensive genius last week. “If they don’t win the championship this year, it would be considered a huge upset because never in the history of the NBA — that I can remember — has there been three more talented perimeter players on one team.”