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When discussing what occurred to the Pistons following the last championship, some in NBA circles point to the trade of team captain Chauncey Billups in 2008. That started the culture shift. Former owner Bill Davidson died in 2009 which left the franchise inactive. Dumars departed in 2014, and Pistons lost their way. “The glue pieces left,” said former Pistons executive Tom Wilson. “They lost their roots and tried to experiment with their culture,” added Thomas. “Our era defined and set a culture for how the Pistons would play, how our community would respond to us. That was rooted in defense, commitment, playing as a team and not playing as individuals.”
To promote the NBA’s 75th anniversary, the NBA made a short film called NBA Lane, which is a metaphorical neighborhood fitted with the league’s personalities and top moments to help the fans reminisce about the league’s history. Throughout the trip down NBA Lane, you will encounter some of the greats of the past, current superstars and future stars. During filming at Leimert Park, such current NBA players as Carmelo Anthony, LaMelo Ball, Devin Booker, Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard and Jayson Tatum took part. Former NBA greats Gary Payton, Isiah Thomas and Jerry West also were involved in the three-day shoot last month.
Storyline: NBA's 75 Greatest Players
NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas blasted the NFL for playing the so-called “black national anthem” because it is “emphasizing our separateness,” not promoting national unity and healing. Thomas made his comments in a discussion with columnist Jason Whitlock on an episode of The Blaze’s Fearless with Jason Whitlock. “When you sing the national anthem, and then you sing the black national anthem, the only thing that it does is it’s emphasizing our separateness,” Thomas insisted.
He wore a scowl on the floor, but could flash a charismatic smile off it. He was the face of a so-called scandal that resulted in Michigan removing the banners from Webber’s time and instituting a 10-year ban — giving Webber’s detractors ammunition and perhaps, the reason for his eight-year wait before enshrinement. “This is how they have treated Detroit, not just us as players who represented the city, but the city itself and still today,” Thomas said. “When they say Detroit vs. Everybody. That’s some real [stuff]. We’ll just say it’s not fair.”