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Jaden Ivey Rumors

Jaden Ivey (20), G, Purdue Opinions about Ivey varied more drastically than any other prospect I discussed with league sources this past week. Some league sources adore his game and believe he should be drafted in the top three. It’s easy to understand why. Ivey is the best athlete in the 2022 class. He blends force and speed in a way that is reminiscent of peak John Wall. Ivey is a good spot-up shooter.
Jaden Ivey is quickly putting himself in position to be the top overall pick in this year’s NBA draft. Today’s NBA has progressively become guard-centric with “high usage” players essentially seen as having the importance of an NBA team’s quarterback. It’s not just Ivey’s elite speed and athleticism that makes him unique. His isolation ability, and creativity getting to the basket or pulling up from the perimeter is quickly becoming elite. Ivey’s game parallels players such as Donovan Mitchell and Russell Westbrook with his dynamic explosiveness and ability to beat opponents off the dribble.
Storyline: No. 1 pick