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Jake LaRavia Rumors

What did you do last season to improve your game enough to make it to the NBA? Jake LaRavia: It’s just about growing and maturing in the game, as well as off the court. It was about getting my body right, developing my game, and working on stuff that I might not have been as good at. This was a great team we played for this year and I played with a lot of great guys, and Alondes Williams is in the draft class as well. It’s easy to look good when you play with guys like that, but I was also able to showcase some of my abilities. I’m a competitor, so growing up watching March Madness, it sucked not being able to be a part of that. There is always going to be a chip on my shoulder when it comes to basketball, but it is what it is.
What is the most underrated part of your game that we haven’t seen as much yet? Jake LaRavia: Honestly, I’d say shooting. My jump shot doesn’t change whether or not a defender is guarding me. It’s like robotics when it comes to my upper-body mechanics. My base will switch depending on if I’m coming off a screen or catch and shoot. But my shooting is muscle memory. I haven’t shown it as much as I probably needed to in college. My first couple of years in college, I rarely shot. I was able to do better at Wake Forest. But I’m a much better shooter than what shows. I’m a very unselfish player, and that’s a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing when a team heavily relies on you. A lot of times, I tried to find the more open player or the “better” shot even if I had a good shot to take for myself.
After playing two seasons at Indiana State, LaRavia transferred to Wake Forest and had an efficient all-around season leading to an All-ACC Second Team selection. LaRavia’s versatility as a shooter (56 percent from the field and 38.4 percent from three-point range), rebounding (6.6 boards per game), passing (3.7 assists per game), and defense (1.7 steals and 1.0 blocks per game) have intrigued NBA talent evaluators.