Jalen Harris Rumors

Matt Babcock: Being the son of two former college athletes, you seemed destined to lead a life of basketball. Could you start off by giving us an idea of what your childhood was like growing up in Texas? Jalen Harris: I played a variety of sports growing up, including baseball, football, and track until I got to high school. We would go from batting cages to running routes on the field. I’d get to the gym as quickly as I could when I was growing up. My parents did a good job of leaving it open to me but slightly pushed me towards basketball. They left it in my hands and it instilled a natural work ethic in me. We didn’t live in a big city. We stayed in a small city called Seagoville and I went to school in Duncanville. My younger brother and I commuted daily.
Could you take us through your current daily routine as you prepare for the NBA Draft? Jalen Harris: First off, I wake up and I pray. After that, I do what we call Goata exercises. It’s a set of movements and corrective exercises that I’ve been working on. I’ll do those and then I usually go to the gym. For my first workout of the day, I do skill work and some competitive play. Then I’ll get a quick snack or a good lunch before I head back to the gym for my second workout, in which we focus more on the strength and conditioning side of the Goata exercises. I also do plenty of shooting in the second workout as well. There’s more micromanagement stuff in the second workout whereas the first workout is more situational. After my workouts, I do a lot of recovery work and I’ve been watching a lot of film. It’s been hard finding a gym sometimes due to the Coronavirus, but I’m grateful for the time that we have and I’m appreciative that I’ve been able to get in as much as we have up to this point.
Who is the one player you model your game after the most? Jalen Harris: I think everybody says they take bits and pieces of everybody’s game, I think that’s true in my case, too. I do really like to watch a lot of Grant Hill though, so I’d say he’s probably the one player I would pick. He was able to attack in so many different ways, whether it’s downhill in transition or off isolations, or getting others involved in pick and roll actions. He was good at getting to his spots in the mid-range and he was able to defend multiple positions. He just had a really good overall package. I’m more of a three-point shooter than he ever was, but other than that I think his overall package was really great.