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Jamahl Mosley Rumors

Paolo Banchero will face immense pressure and other related challenges as the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft, but the former Duke standout is ready for all of it. Banchero hit the court with his new team for the first time on Sunday as the Orlando Magic prepare for their upcoming stint in the Las Vegas Summer League. He worked extensively with Jamahl Mosley on several drills, and left an impression on the second-year head coach. “The one thing I’ve been observing more is his willingness and understanding of the game,” Mosley said. “Obviously, a fantastic teammate (by) pushing guys and trying to learn the ins and outs of the NBA system. A lot is coming at him and he has done a great job of embracing it. He is not afraid to ask questions and be willing to learn.”
We knew this wasn’t going to be a season in which a very young team would win a bunch of games. With that in mind, how do you as the team president judge this season? Was it a success?” Jeff Weltman: “Yeah. I think we accomplished a lot of our goals. We established a way of working and I’m going to say that was in large part due to our head coach (Jamahl Mosley) and coaching staff, who just did a great job keeping our guys elevated, and believing, and every day, man, every day, Mike, just showed up. If you’d of seen us practice at any point in the season, regardless of record, you would just be amazed at the spirit, and the energy, and the belief, and the togetherness that was felt throughout the whole group – on the court, off the court, organizationally.

Three players ejected after Hornets, Magic scuffle

Charlotte’s Cody Martin dunked over Wagner early on and several Hornets, including P.J. Washington, began talking trash from the sideline. Wagner responded on the next possession with a reverse dunk and proceeded to stare down the Hornets bench. That preceded a fourth quarter dustup when Jalen McDaniels fouled R.J. Hampton on a drive. Several players, including Harrell and Lopez, began pushing each other under the basket, but no punches appeared to be thrown. Officials met for more than a minute before the ejections were handed out. “WWE, ain’t nobody fighting,” Rozier said with a laugh. Okeke said coach Jamahl Mosley told Magic players to keep playing after the altercation. “He told us to play the right way and stick together and finish the game out.” he said.