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James Bouknight Rumors

James Bouknight and Kai Jones may be new to the Charlotte Hornets but that doesn’t mean the veterans on the roster are going to take it easy on the two rookies during training camp. In fact, as Terry Rozier said, it is quite the opposite: “You gotta kill ’em.” The statement by Rozier doesn’t mean the veterans on the roster won’t help the two rookies. They have welcomed them aboard and have offered guidance and willingly answered any questions they have had during training camp.
Rozier even organized private workouts for the team in Miami recently. “The older guys here have been such a big help for me,” Bouknight said. “When you come into the league, you really don’t know what to expect. Everybody is so much stronger, faster.People have kids, like go home to three kids and a wife so it’s just different. We have older guys and vets that show me the ropes and help me get through the days and they’re going to help me get through training camp and the season.”
“The whole pre-draft is really a grind, but you’re playing by yourself. So when we first got to the combine and I see all the executives and the coaches, there’s a lot going through my mind and I got butterflies,” Bouknight said. “I’m just anxious to get it going. When we started the workout, I wasn’t really hitting my shots and I was just a little timid. So I told Ronnie, ‘Man, we’re just gonna work out like we’re in Miami.’ Then I ended up having a great workout and a couple days later, I start seeing me shooting up draft boards and a lot of media attention. I just started to blow up at the right time and it’s been a blessing.”
“The past two games, I ain’t even looking like me,” Bouknight said. “That New York swag and that type of intensity that JB play with, I gotta bring that.” Bouknight said that practice was a wake-up call. “We’re just keeping it real with each other,” he said. “No more buddy, buddy shit.” The next game, he went out and dropped 23 points and eight dimes on the Spurs. “He’s just been box office. I call him box office,” Taylor said. “I told him that from day one, that’s what I think about his game. As he gets comfortable, you’ll see his talent just shines through.”
“Not being able to showcase the Rookie of the Year in LaMelo Ball to our community was unfortunate,” Whitfield said, referring to Spectrum Center being empty for half the season and then operating at reduced capacity. Because of those circumstances, fans are eager to return to the arena and see Ball and the Hornets play, he added. Draft picks James Bouknight and Kai Jones have also stirred interest, Whitfield said.