James Edwards Rumors

But if it were up to Edwards, bring on the winter coat and the honor of being selected No. 1 by the Minnesota Timberwolves. “Being the top pick would be exceptionally cool,” Edwards, 19, told The Undefeated in a phone interview. “Who doesn’t want to be the No. 1 pick? That’d be cooler than anything. … It would be a dream come true to be No. 1. But if that’s not a team that wants me, or if I’m not wanted there, then wherever I’m wanted, I’m happy with that. … “I don’t really care where I get drafted to. If you want to draft me and you are ready to take a chance on me, then I’m ready to give you my all.”
Storyline: No. 1 pick
Many considered the 6-foot-6 athletic swingman one of the best defenders in college hoops last season. He’s a good passer and finisher. His jump shot needs a ton of work, though many coaches and executives believe a jumper can be acquired with time. I’ve had people rave about his work ethic, and more than one NBA scout has told me they’d rather take Okoro than Edwards.