James Goldstein Rumors

Maybe the Clippers are saving the explanation of what theyre going for an off-season surprise… or trying to think of a way to break the bad news while continuing to sell courtside seats for $2,840, more than the Lakers’ $2,750. It’s hard to say what Clipper fans expect, or if there are many more than the 17,022 they’re drawing per game (down from last season’s 19,088) but it hardly figures to be popular among the die-hards like leather-clad Jimmy Goldstein, who sits in the $2,840 seat on the baseline opposite Ballmer. “As a Clipper courtside season ticket holder for 34 years,” says Goldstein, “I can tell you that I am not happy about this year’s rebuilding moves and attempted moves.
“I put up with about 25 years worth of dismal Clipper seasons and have been thrilled to watch their success in recent years as one of the NBA’s top five teams. Maybe the loss of Chris Paul was unavoidable but the trade of Blake Griffin and attempted trades of DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams made no sense at all. “I don’t want to endure another long stretch of playoff misses in the hope that some future draft pick turns out to be a star. The Lakers have had top draft picks for three years and still can’t make the playoffs.”
Goldstein is an eccentric longtime NBA superfan who is seen at all of the NBA’s big events and is regularly courtside at Staples Center. “I’ve known [Noah] a long time, I spoke to him last night,” Goldstein told The Post on Sunday before Team LeBron faced Team Stephen. “I asked him if he was going to be all right, that I’m a little worried about you. He said don’t worry about him, everything’s going to be fine.”
Storyline: New York Knicks Turmoil?
Later on the Western trip, Noah left the club in Denver after a feud with coach Jeff Hornacek, who yanked him during garbage time during a blowout in Golden State on Jan. 23. The next day at practice, according to eyewitnesses, they engaged in a verbal shouting match with Noah being restrained. Hornacek never pushed Noah, according to multiple sources. In fact, indications are the Knicks mulled issuing Noah a suspension for his actions but decided against it. The separation has been called “mutual” by Knicks officials.
Jimmy Goldstein: As the years went by, my attachment to the Hawks waned, but my anti-Lakers sentiment became more firmly entrenched for a number of reasons. First, I usually pull for the underdog in any sports competition, and the Lakers were getting to The Finals or winning championships far too often for me. I like it when a different team becomes a title contender each year. Secondly, I didn’t like it that the Lakers were able to attract so many superstars away from other teams. I like level competition, and the Lakers upset league balance with players like Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, and many others leaving their teams to live in Los Angeles. (Wilt and I became good friends, and he once told me of his displeasure over my pulling for the opposition, but nothing changed.)