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James Jones on Deandre Ayton: 'The contract stuff is behind us'

You guys matched Indiana’s offer sheet for Deandre Ayton (four years, $133M). Is there peace and love all over the world now that he’s going to be with you? James Jones: Yeah. That part is behind us. The contract stuff is behind us, and our focus now is how do we help him improve and continue to improve. We have ideas and plans to do that. It’s on me and the staff to figure out how to help him in conjunction with our other guys. Continue to realize their capacity. Their potential. He’s good. He’s in great shape. He’s really been in the gym working on what I’d say are ‘second-level things’ and I know he’s excited to prove that he’s better than he was last year.”
Before I even ask this next question, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on social media and how that’s changed or how that has impacted how you do your job, i.e., Jae Crowder going on Twitter saying “change is inevitable. I believe it’s time for a change. I want to continue growing.” That can be interpreted in so many different ways. When stuff is out there about what you guys are supposedly doing, or looking to do, as far as a deal. A trade. Whatever it is. James Jones: “It’s noise. It’s noise, I don’t read into people’s actions. I don’t read to their actions, their words. Like there’s so much noise. So much lack of context that goes with conversations. You get into this rabbit hole of trying to decipher and filter out the noise and figure out what’s real and what’s true and what context and what setting. It’s just a fruitless exercise. To me, it’s all noise. And when you can eliminate the noise, you get back down to what we’re doing. Playing basketball. Competing. Most of that stuff becomes irrelevant. I don’t pay attention to it, to be honest with you.”

James Jones: 'Brooklyn wanted to keep Kevin Durant'

Why didn’t Kevin Durant end up in Phoenix? The two-time finals MVP demanded a trade out of Brooklyn, put the Miami Heat and Suns atop his trade wish list, but remains with the Nets. “’Cause Brooklyn wanted to keep Kevin Durant in Brooklyn,” Jones said. “And that’s why he’s in Brooklyn and not on some other team, but as far as with us, I get it. It’s always a great topic of discussion, but the one thing people forget is that when you’re talking about trades, or any player acquisition, the team that has the player has to be willing to move the player.”