James Worthy Rumors

JLEIII: Who guards Durant? Rick Mahorn: On that team? C’mon. You put Dennis Rodman, you put “The Worm” on him, you put me on him. You know what’s funny? A lot of people don’t realize that we were multi-talented enough to switch. … The only one that couldn’t move his feet was (Bill) Laimbeer, but we knew that. The thing is, I had to check guys like Doctor J and Barkley, James Worthy one night, and then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. This is what I can do because I had quick feet. As a player, you have to understand the whole game. It’s not like you’re limiting yourself, like, “Oh, he can only do this.” Can I shoot from outside? I didn’t have to. That wasn’t my job.
The Lakers honored Baylor with a video tribute featuring former teammates, fellow Laker legends and notable adversaries, including West, Johnson, Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Pat Riley, Bill Russell, James Worthy, Jamaal Wilkes, Gail Goodrich and Walt Frazier. “Before there was Dr. J [Julius Erving] and a guy named Michael Jordan, there was Elgin Baylor,” Magic Johnson said in the tribute.
4 months ago via ESPN
James Worthy sees some Magic Johnson-like traits in Lonzo Ball and believes his old Showtime point guard will be able to “deliver” some star reinforcements in free agency this summer. Before the season started, Johnson, the Los Angeles Lakers’ president of basketball operations, said he can envision Ball and Brandon Ingram running the floor like Johnson and Worthy did during their Showtime days. Johnson set an extremely high bar for the past two No. 2 overall picks respectively. “Big shoes to fill,” said Worthy, currently a Lakers analyst for Spectrum SportsNet. “But I think I totally get conceptually where Magic was coming from and the style of play that Luke [Walton] is promoting, the fast-paced game. Lonzo Ball, for sure, presents some of the talents that Magic had. Not as tall, but he is 6-6 and has the IQ, has a vision like no other. “As soon as players get used to the way he passes and they get some really good shooters around him, I think people will really appreciate him. And they already have appreciated what he brings to the table, a very unselfish player.”
6 months ago via ESPN