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Jamie Young Rumors

Celtics assistant coach Jamie Young recently went to Michigan to visit forward Jonas Jerebko. They played basketball at Jerebko’s home, swam in the pool, cooked out, lifted weights, and watched the US men’s national team in the Olympics. Larranaga has made several stops in Atlanta to work with Al Horford, R.J. Hunter, Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson, and Jaylen Brown. Last month, he showed Horford, the Celtics’ marquee free-agent signee of the summer, some set plays the Celtics run after timeouts.
Brown admitted that he lacked consistent aggression in the early going, but then began attacking the rim as if he owned it, and the results were impressive. “Jaylen, from where he was when he started training camp, to where he is now, yeah. Early on in the week, even going back to Utah, he was just kind of passive to start,” Las Vegas summer league coach Jamie Young said. “I talked to him and I just said, ‘Attack the basket. Do what you do.’ Defensively, he got better as well. I told him, I said, ‘Look we’re running plays throughout. [After-timeout plays] are going to go through you. You’re our guy. We’re going to get you the ball and your job is to score.’ ”
“I saw it in summer league, man,” Hunter said. “Jordan can just flat-out play. He has a motor. He’s smart. He works hard. He makes the right plays. And he’s going to be a star. I think the same with Terry (Rozier, the No. 16 overall pick). Terry, obviously the talent’s there. The speed’s there. And once he figures out this game, I think he’ll be a perennial All-Star. The draft class that the Celtics brought in besides me is unbelievable. I think those guys can really play.” Wait, perennial All-Star? “I think both of them will be All-Stars, yeah.”