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Janis Porzingis Rumors

With the threat of Porzingis signing a one-year qualifying offer to enter unrestricted free agency the following summer and a list of preferred trade destinations, the Knicks acted hastily. After Kristaps and Janis walked out of the brief meeting, the Knicks called Dallas to finalize the trade. According to league sources, Porzingis’ camp had no idea the Mavericks were in the mix to acquire the Latvian forward, and Dallas was not one of his preferred destinations at the time.
Janis, who had a modest European playing career, wanted to be a bigger part of the Knicks’ team, too. According to sources, Janis asked for jobs for some members of Porzingis’ entourage. But nothing ever materialized. It’s not uncommon for these type of jobs to be granted to a team’s superstar. When Carmelo Anthony was a Knick, Asani Swann was on the Knicks payroll with an official position, director of player relations. Swann was Anthony’s longtime branding manager and worked solely with Anthony.
A person with knowledge of the meeting said it was requested by the Porzingis brothers — after they had canceled a similar meeting earlier in January — and that it lasted less than five minutes. Later in the day, according to the person, Janis Porzingis provided the Knicks with a list of four teams he and Kristaps had deemed acceptable trade destinations. The Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers were among those teams, but Dallas was not on the list. The Knicks, meanwhile, were told Porzingis was prepared to leave the team and continue his knee rehabilitation in Spain if he was not moved by this week’s league trade deadline.
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