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Jarinn Akana Rumors

Karl, who last coached in the NBA in 2016 with Sacramento, talked about his time with the Kings, the state of the NBA, the country and more. He was as candid about his time with the King, as he was on a recent podcast discussing his 112-game stint as coach, which started with the final 30 games of the 2014-15 season. He had no idea the wackiness he was stepping into when he accepted the job. There were already rumblings there would be conflict before Karl arrived, because late-agent Dan Fegan, a known Karl antagonist, represented Kings star DeMarcus Cousins. Fegan had clashed with the Kings’ front office over its treatment of Cousins and how it was going to best help Cousins win. Fegan didn’t believe hiring Karl would work. Fegan’s business partner, Jarinn Akana, was on Denver’s coaching staff when Karl was hired in 2005. Karl did not keep Akana on staff. That relationship was said to be the reason Karl was not hired sooner. When contacted, Cousins declined to comment.
“I had a better deal two days ago,” Kings general manager Vlade Divac said. Um, what? Divac made Sacramento look foolish with that quote, but according to a league source, the problem was more poor communication with the media — something Divac is no stranger to — than terrible trading. According to the source, the potential trade partner made an offer only to pull it once Cousins’ camp threatened the star center wouldn’t re-sign in 2018. Cousins’ agent, Jarinn Akana, publicly said before the New Orleans deal was consummated that it was “highly unlikely” Cousins would re-sign with any team that trades for him.