Jay Bilas Rumors

The NBA is limping to the finish line. The summer brings problems real and perceived. The postseason has been littered with blowouts and void of competitive drama. The regular season was largely unsatisfying, even with the record-breaking Warriors. The league’s most influential voice (Charles Barkley) called the on-court product “the worst I’ve ever seen it.” What do your eyes tell you? “It sounds so old-man ridiculous to me,” ESPN basketball analyst Jay Bilas said. “Everything gets better in America except basketball players. I’m telling you … if the stopwatch had never been invented, they would be arguing that Jesse Owens was faster than Usain Bolt. Or that Mark Spitz swam faster than Michael Phelps. And it just doesn’t make any sense.”
A day after locking up its most prominent college basketball analyst in Dick Vitale, ESPN has extended another important figure from its college basketball coverage. Jay Bilas has agreed to a new contract through the 2022-23 season, adding the network’s primetime Saturday games to his role on College GameDay. The morning pregame show, like the college football version, originates from the site of that night’s primetime game.
College basketball analyst Jay Bilas thinks Stevens can be successful at the NBA level. “I’ve always found the idea that a college coach can’t make the transition to the NBA is ludicrous,” Bilas told USA TODAY Sports. “The miserable failures we’ve seen have come because coaches take bad jobs.” Bilas says the toughest part for Stevens is the rebuilding process the Celtics are in. “The primary challenge will be dealing with the criticism of not winning,” Bilas said. “The Celtics are going to have to get bad to get good. He’s going to have to deal with the questions that come with losing. … The guy can coach, and he can coach on any level. It has nothing to coach major, midmajor, college pro, D-League. That has very little to do with it. There will be a different schedule and rhythm to it, but Brad is really smart and will figure it out.”