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JB Bickerstaff Rumors

“He’s been phenomenal since he’s been back here starting after Labor Day,” Bickerstaff said. “You watch the work he’s put in, but you watch the guys that play pickup, and he’s brought himself and his game to another level. What we’ve seen so far, and again, we want to give people an opportunity, that’s what this is about. That competition is gonna push everybody else to be better. I know we have certain guys who have just earned it, but they’re competing too, and they’re being pushed and they’re pushing each other. It’s gonna raise the whole level of the team. Imagine what your practices are like. Now you’re moving into games and everybody’s taking a step up. Everybody’s gonna have an opportunity to earn it.”
“We’re looking for who fits the best,” Bickerstaff said following the team’s first official practice. “What we try to do is put together the best five-man units that we possibly can. We feel like we are a deep team, and your first unit, second unit, third unit once you make your rotations — we’re trying to create as strong of units as we possibly can. It’s not something where we’re gonna rotate it or anything like that. It’s something that we want to put together so guys have an understanding of who they are and where they fit and when their minutes are gonna come. Whoever can help that group be the best on both ends of the floor, that’s the group we’ll put in. That doesn’t always mean that’s the group that you finish games with. I think there can be two separate groups here.”