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Jeanie Buss Rumors

By his final season, 2015-16, Bryant trusted only Buss to help pull off his goodbye tour. Once, he asked her out to lunch and brought Gianna. He said he wanted his daughter to learn from a powerful female sports executive; Buss now believes that was only a ruse, that Bryant just wanted Buss to know how important she was, to him and to the team. When she tells that story, Buss gets choked up. Her shoulders collapse when she is asked about the Hall of Fame ceremony. “It’s almost like having to put him away again,” she said, her voice cracking. “He’s going into the Hall, and it’s like we’re leaving him there. It’s hard. It’s hard to go through this again.” “I guess,” she added, “you just don’t get over it.”
The Lakers are no longer a joke. Helping lead the franchise to its 17th N.B.A. championship last season was her greatest accomplishment, she said, even if the celebration was dampened by the multiple losses she’d had over the years: her father, her mother, Stern, Bryant. “That’s a lot of loss,” she said. “And it all flooded back in that moment.” There was laughter mixed with tears then, but now reflecting on the championship, Buss knows what it will mean for her legacy. “I think now people are saying, ‘She belongs,’” Buss said. “Would I have been in this position if my dad didn’t own the team? Probably not. But I do deserve to be here.”
When Buss began attending the N.B.A.’s Board of Governors meetings for the Lakers in 1995, she was intimidated by some of the glares directed her way. These days, she trades barbs with the best of them. “Jeanie has always had that special spark,” said Wyc Grousbeck, who led a group that bought the Celtics in 2002. “People want her to do well. They’re happy when she succeeds. They know she’s earned it — and I mean the ‘earned it’ part. She’s respected unequivocally among the league, by the owners, by the players. She’s got steel in her veins.”
Jeanie Buss: Mindy Kaling and Elaine Ko are brilliant accomplished creators and I’m thrilled to be part of this dream team. I’ve spoken many times about humor playing an important role in my mental health and wellbeing so this is a natural. Thank you @netflix for giving us this platform.

The Lakers are taking on the Lakers and Netflix and HBO continue to duel. Streaming giant Netflix has gone straight to series on an untitled workplace comedy inspired by the front office of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers. Team president Jeanie Buss is attached to exec produce the Mindy Kaling-produced workplace comedy that is inspired by the 17-time NBA champion’s family owners and front office.