Jeanie Buss Rumors

Los Angeles Lakers champion LeBron James is one of the most idolized players in the NBA. As a matter of fact, even Lakers owner Jeanie Buss considers the four-time MVP to be a superhero. “I like to say he’s like the closest thing to a superhero I’ve ever met,” Buss said on a recent episode of the “All the Smoke” podcast. “In that, he’s so powerful and strong and smart, but he does things for the good.”
So, about 15 minutes before tip-off, Buss slipped out of her lower bowl seat and headed for the court. She waited for Harrell to take a warm-up shot, and when he came over to her, she swung her arms wide and wrapped him in a hug. It was a quiet gesture in an empty arena, one that told a story of Harrell’s grief and Buss’ empathy. It also revealed the subtle notes of grace and compassion with which Buss tries to lead.
A day later, Pelinka said, Buss called him and told him she was going to come to the next game, the Lakers first since returning from the All-Star break, to support Harrell. “I think that’s just a great microcosm of Jeanie’s leadership,” Pelinka said. “She finds the perfect balance of leading with her mind and just her intellect and her wisdom mentally, but also leading with her heart.”