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Jeanie Buss Rumors

Whenever LeBron James passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with the 38,388th point of his career – possibly next week at Arena during one of the Lakers’ home games against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday or the Bucks on Thursday – the achievement will be commemorated by the Lakers. But it won’t belong to them. “I think this is a record that really stands out among all the different records in the NBA. I mean, this is the all-time scoring record,” Jeanie Buss told ESPN this week as James edged closer to Abdul-Jabbar.
Jeanie Buss: “This is really about a career that LeBron has built through his hard work and determination and talent. And while we will take a moment to celebrate, this is really about LeBron and reflecting on all the sacrifices he’s made to get to this point and to achieve this level of greatness. It’s really about him. This is his record.”

Rui Hachimura wearing 28 because of Kobe and Gianna Bryant

During a recent interview with Stephen A. Smith, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss said that Hachimura chose his number because he was inspired by Bryant and his late daughter Gianna (via Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith): “Our new player, Hachimura … I asked him: Have you chosen a number yet? He said: ‘Yeah, I’m wearing No. 28.’ I said, ‘Oh great!’ and he said ‘Because of No. 2 for Gianna and No. 8 for Kobe.’” I was like, ‘This kid is going to do good.’ I like where his heart is at.”

Jeanie Buss on LeBron James: 'We're all frustrated'

Jeanie Buss on LeBron James: ”Unless he’s winning, he’s not gonna be happy, that’s him. That’s what drives him and I could see why he would be frustrated. We’re all frustrated. When you know we’re down four starters and he’s our only remaining starter, he’s got to show up and play. The burdens on him and he picks everybody up when he plays.”