Jeff Capel Rumors

Where does Griffin rank among the players you’ve gotten to coach? Capel: “He’s the best. There’s really no comparison. When you talk about talent, athleticism and skill, and when you add the work ethic that comes along, that was the thing that probably impressed me the most was just how hard he worked. I’m sure people that really understand basketball understand that.” Where has developed most? Capel: “Obviously shooting the basketball, which is something he’s really worked on. He’s been able to score, he’s always been a relentless rebounder, physically imposing, but really being able to shoot. I’ve always thought that he had a lot of things that he could do that people didn’t realize, because people were always just so wowed by his athleticism. I don’t think people really had ever really given him credit for all the things he can do. He can really pass. I think people started to see that as the Clippers became a better team and there was better talent around him. He really understands the game. He’s really smart. All of those things I think are what people are starting to see now.”
“I’ll just continue to work every day and continue to get better as a coach,” said Michael Curry, who along with assistant coaches Aaron McKie and Jeff Capel, is under contract for another season. “I’m the senior guy on the staff, so I will continue to lead the rest of the staff and the players that we still have and the ones we have under contract. Just continue to make them get better.”