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Jeff Hornacek Rumors

He had trouble with fans and teammates in Phoenix, and threw a towel at Coach Jeff Hornacek in frustration. But when the Wizards asked if he’d be worth the trouble, one of his biggest proponents, according to sources, was Hornacek, who was fired Feb. 1 by the Suns. The Wizards started Morris’ crash course by giving him a sheet with four or five plays, ones he could memorize quickly so that when he’s on the court with his new teammates, he won’t be quite as lost as he was in his first couple of games.
When he began coaching last season, it was Jeff Hornacek’s 2013-14 success as a rookie Suns coach that gave him inspiration and a model for how he would lead the Warriors. He said he even stole some of Hornacek’s plays for his playbook. “It’s just a jolt of NBA reality,” Kerr said of Hornacek’s Feb. 1 firing. “Every coach is sort of a victim of circumstance, good or bad. So much depends on the talent that you have and the support you have and the chemistry in your organization and your locker room. Unfortunately, it’s a really, really hard thing to discover or to create. I feel very lucky to have that here because I know it doesn’t exist in most places.”