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Jeff Van Gundy Rumors

Jeff Van Gundy blew his shot with Jodie Foster so badly that he failed to even make an impression. During a recent appearance on “The Dave Pasch Podcast,” Van Gundy reminisced about the time when he and Foster were freshmen at Yale. The former Knicks head coach recalled that during his first year in New Haven, he and 11 other males in his freshman dorm pledged $100 each to a pot, and whoever got the first date with Foster would take home $1,200.
“As the last one clears me, a voice from behind me says, ‘Boy that popcorn smells good.’ I turn around because I’m the only one there to say ‘Yeah it smells awesome.’ I turn around and it’s Jodie Foster,” Van Gundy said on Pasch’s podcast. “Instead of saying, like someone with some poise would have done, ‘Yeah it smells good, do you want some?’ — I would have had $1,200, plus I could have gotten to know Jodie Foster — I absolutely choked, and I am not joking, I turned around, said ‘Yeahhh,’ and then sprint through the gate and back to my room,” he added.
Van Gundy, in Las Vegas this past weekend helping the U.S. Olympic coaching staff with preparations for the Summer Games later this month, can’t get that day out of his head. “He’s a man of great faith — it was apparent when he gave one of the greatest, most graceful speeches at the service,” Van Gundy told The Post. “I remember watching his children. They were amazing. I think he’s an amazing man. I learned from him. I watch him.’’