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Jeff Van Gundy Rumors

Van Gundy, in Las Vegas this past weekend helping the U.S. Olympic coaching staff with preparations for the Summer Games later this month, can’t get that day out of his head. “He’s a man of great faith — it was apparent when he gave one of the greatest, most graceful speeches at the service,” Van Gundy told The Post. “I remember watching his children. They were amazing. I think he’s an amazing man. I learned from him. I watch him.’’
The floor raisers, the guys Jones brought in to make Phoenix a serious organization again, also shined. Cam Payne helped keep the team afloat after Paul hurt his shoulder, and then pumped up the crowd after he was ejected. Crowder took the defensive assignment against James. Saric had a huge block on Kyle Kuzma. And Johnson hit two threes off the bench. “James Jones, wherever you are, take a bow,” ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy exclaimed during the Game 1 broadcast. “You’ve surrounded your star players with what they need.”