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Jeff Weltman Rumors

After two seasons in that role, Khoury expressed his growing interest in the connection between coaching and the analytics department to Ujiri, GM Jeff Weltman and then-assistant GM Bobby Webster. A week later, head coach Dwane Casey invited Khoury to the coaching staff’s retreat in Seattle. “I was the one who said, ‘Hey, let’s bring him on staff, bring him in the meetings,” said Casey, who laughed about having referred to Khoury’s background as “water science” when he got to Detroit. “I got off to a shaky start with analytics, because I was from the old school, but when Eric came in, his presentation, his approach made it easy to swallow as far as analytics was concerned. He was the first one to really convince me, ‘Hey, let’s shoot the 3, let’s play up-tempo.’ He did such a great job, really cut his teeth. …I would love to have stolen him and brought him here (to Detroit) with me because he just does everything with a pure heart. There’s no ego, and he just knows his stuff.”