Jeremiah Rivers Rumors

Jeremiah Rivers (Doc Rivers’ son): People want to #BoycottClippers because of one man? My house has been burned to the ground, animals tortured and burned as well. Along with anything we ever loved, and held treasured, because of the color of my dads skin. We lost everything and had to start over. Did we hate the collective of people, culture, and race who’s skin was responsible for our hardship? No. One man, cannot have the power to make me feel hate towards a group, race, or another persons skin color. Nor would I allow them to have the power over me to not support the players and coaches that have done nothing wrong. Hate the man all you want, show him no mercy if you must. But the players who put on that Jersey do it because the love basketball.
Simmons countered with a heated reply. “The truth keeps changing. He’s giving different quotes about this. He did know, he didn’t know, he kind of knew. He wanted the trade to happen, he was coming back, he needed a year off,” Simmons said. “When he sticks to a story, I’ll believe the truth.” The feud shifted to Rivers’ son, Jeremiah, who eviscerated Simmons on Twitter. This morning, Simmons may have ended the beef with a masterful retort: “When I get home I’m signing up my 5 and a half year old son for Twitter so he can defend me against Doc Rivers’ kids.”
Jeremiah Rivers’ chances of playing professionally next year just got even better. The IU senior guard was invited Monday to the Portsmouth Invitational Pre-Draft camp in Virginia, a tournament for the nation’s top seniors from Wednesday through Saturday. Rivers is one of 64 players in the event. He will compete on one of eight teams in front of approximately 200 scouts from the NBA, NBA D-League and teams from overseas.