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Jerry Krause Rumors

The star-studded series also features rare interviews with Jordan and Pippen about Longley as well as the towering Australian’s former Bulls teammate Steve Kerr and coach Phil Jackson. Longley has, until now, declined to comment publicly on The Last Dance, which detailed Jordan’s influence on the all-conquering Bulls team and the brash operation run by then-general manager Jerry Krause.
Then, Jordan revealed he became motivated to play well against Majerle because former Bulls general manager Jerry Krause respected Majerle’s defense. As explained throughout the documentary, Jordan had despised Krause partly because of Krause’s desire to receive more credit for how he evaluated talent and assembled teams. “It’s a point of pride for me,” Majerle said. “You got the greatest player in the world, that has ever played basketball sitting there and talking about that one of his motivations was to kick your ass. That’s not a bad thing.”
Crawford’s retelling of the plan: My first year and second year, we’re the youngest team in the league, right? And the fans knew, like, “OK, it’s going to be a rebuilding year.” But my rookie year, Jerry thought he was going to get Grant Hill, Tim Duncan and T-Mac. So, obviously, MJ just retired, right? We have all this cap space, and so we have all these rookies. And he was like — go back and look, I guarantee Grant, Tim and T-Mac were all free agents. And Jerry wholeheartedly believed we would get all three of them. Even if we get two of them at the time, boom.