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Jerry Sichting Rumors

McKinney was selected the NBA’s Coach of the Year for that season, surpassing San Antonio’s Stan Albeck in the voting, 27-25. His next two teams dropped to 35 and 20 wins, however, as Nassi liquidated the roster to curb financial losses. McKinney’s team improved to 26 wins during the first year of ownership for Mel and Herb Simon, but he was replaced after that season by George Irvine. Martinsville native and Purdue grad Jerry Sichting, who played all four seasons for McKinney, once said he didn’t believe McKinney every fully recovered from the head injuries suffered in the bicycle accident. “He was great in how he treated people and his knowledge of the game, but he was forgetful with names and stuff like that,” Sichting said. “You couldn’t do anything but feel sorry for him when those things came up. He also had trouble concentrating when it got really loud in the arena. I…learned a lot from him, but there’s no question that bicycle wreck had an impact on him.”
Mike Vorkunov: The Knicks had 8 healthy players for practice today, so coaches Jerry Sichting (below), Kurt Rambis, Howard Eisley, and Corey Gaines jumped in. No elbows were thrown or hard fouls doled out, so we’re told.