Jerry Sloan Rumors

Karl Malone: “I love Chris Webber but this was one time where I wanted to kick his ass. Right? So we had been wearing them out – at home – and Chris Webber started at half court looking for John Stockton. On the flip side, I say ‘Good on you Chris for studying the playbook. And we ran that four up and he didn’t even care. He hit Stockton right in the sternum with his elbow. I damn near felt it and [it] hurt. …I felt so bad I went over to Coach [Jerry] Sloan and I said, ‘Coach, don’t run that again, please.’ Stock[ton] looked at me and said ‘No, I’m good’ and the next play– well, you know.”
Tim Reynolds: Most NBA coaching wins with one franchise, including playoffs: 1. Gregg Popovich, Spurs, 1,450 2. Jerry Sloan, Jazz, 1,223 3. Red Auerbach, Celtics, 885 4. Phil Jackson, Lakers, 728 5. Red Holzman, Knicks, 667 6. Phil Jackson, Bulls, 656 7. Erik Spoelstra, Heat, 655
Williams insists this isn’t really his gym. His role is essentially to support the team, train and “try not to get fat at this point.” Almost all of the responsibilities of actually running Fortis fall on Saud, a hard-nosed coach who only knows one way of doing things: his way. That leadership style reminds Williams of someone he used to play for in Utah. “I honestly see Jerry Sloan in him. Jerry Sloan was the same way,” Williams said. “This is how he did things. Doesn’t matter if it went against the grain or went against what other organizations and teams were doing. It’s what he was going to do and that’s it, and you respected that. I think that’s the same with Sayif.”
Deron Williams on playing for the legendary Jerry Sloan and his toughness and coaching style: “Do you know how much dummy offense we did? Man, so we would do it…some days we would come in, and he’d put me at the five and he’d put Booze [Carlos Boozer] at the one. You had to know, he wanted you to know every position so that everything was interchangeable. And that’s how good we run it. That’s what made it so successful, is how hard we ran it and how well we ran it.”