Jerry West Rumors

The five-time LPGA Tour champion got married on Saturday to Jonnie West, an executive for the Golden State Warriors and the son of NBA legend Jerry West, in Beverly Hills. As you might expect, several current LPGA players and legends were in attendance. Danielle Kang and Alison Lee posted photos on their Instagram accounts from Wie’s big day. Meg Mallon and Beth Daniel were also invited, according to a post from Alison Walshe.
Jason Clarke is suiting up for the HBO drama pilot “Showtime.” The one-hour series focuses on the professional and personal lives of the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers. Clarke has been cast as Jerry West. West first joined the Lakers as a player in 1960, being named an All-Star in all of his 14 seasons with the team before retiring in 1974. He was then named head coach in 1976, a position he held for three seasons. He went on to become a scout and then general manager in 1982. Clarke’s West is described as the cantankerous tortured genius of basketball. West ought to be the perfect man to build the Lakers into a dynasty, if only he can get past his own worst enemy: Jerry West.
But, outside of E Baldi in Beverly Hills, West explained why he’s not comfortable being hailed as the hero. “This was hard work by our front office,” West said … “Lawrence Frank, Michael Winger. All the people associated with it.” West says he’s very excited for the 2019-20 season and says with the Lakers signing Anthony Davis to play with LeBron, basketball “should really be fun for fans” in L.A.
Storyline: Clippers Front Office
Something else West said in that radio show: he had very little to do with bringing Kawhi Leonard to Los Angeles. He credits the rest of the Clippers front office and, notably, Kawhi. West acknowledges this is a new era of player power and that changes how front offices work. West also says he’s generally gotten too much credit over the course of his career. These types of statements can feel like false modesty. The Jerry West we’ve known for decades is not modest. It’s probably wise to take him at his word. That means that the rest of the league should really fear what Steve Ballmer and Kawhi have built in Los Angeles, no matter how much longer West stays consulting for the team.