Jerry West Rumors

Not one … not two … but THREE championships is what it’ll take for LeBron James to get a statue among the legends outside Staples Center, so says ex-L.A. star Devean George. We got the former Laker out at LAX when we asked an interesting question … what would it take for LBJ to be bronzed like Shaq, Magic, Kareem and Jerry West?? “I think one [championship], I think it would be no consideration,” George says. “Two, probably no consideration. Three, I think they might be like, ‘Should we talk about it??'”
Crazy as it seemed, it was only natural that LeBron James’ scarcely-imaginable arrival in Lakerdom prompted some fans not only to protest that they still love Kobe Bryant best, but to attack Bron. It was dumb but it was natural. Hint: It’s OK to treasure both of them… as it was to treasure Magic Johnson, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar et al. in Kobe’s heyday.
But while there was a unified front — sentimental yet appreciative — between the fans and the Cavs’ key decision-makers when it came to processing James’ plans, the rest of the league had mixed reactions to the news. Those reactions — culled from more than two dozen players, coaches, executives and agents contacted by ESPN — weren’t always as sunny as the Southern California locale James is embarking for. “He wanted to come to L.A.,” one Western Conference player said. “They just had to not f— it up. Jerry West just said it, and I was like, ‘Finally.’ He’s not coming to the Lakers. He came to L.A.”
2 months ago via ESPN
“All due respect to the Lakers, who handled everything well,” said West, “but, as these things go, LeBron was not a tough free-agent signing. LeBron wanted to come to L.A. and he wanted to come to the Lakers. Period. He has a family he’s thinking about. He has a home here. [Actually two homes.] He has a son [13-year-old “Bronny” Jr.] whom he wants to keep in one school in Los Angeles. He will be a celebrity out here, sure, but it’s a place where, once in a while, he can get lost, be himself. You can’t do that everywhere.