Jesse Buss Rumors

I remember talking to Lakers Director of Scouting Jesse Buss about you and how much he liked your game at Utah, and how things progressed at the combine. You likely had no idea what NBA teams were thinking at the time, other than looking at the mock drafts, which are only so accurate. What was going through your head? Kyle Kuzma: Well, you can backtrack a little bit. I put up numbers my junior year. I felt like I was being overlooked in the conference, that there were a lot of guys that weren’t having as good of a season as me. As the season ended, I still wasn’t on many mock drafts, but I knew I was a lot better than some of the guys I was seeing. I’d play against guys I felt like I killed, but would see them getting talked about more. I thought, ‘Let me get on a stage with them in pre-draft workouts and we’ll see how it goes.’ I was mostly being listed either in the late second round or undrafted, and I just knew I was better than that. So I put my head down and worked. It paid off.