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Jim McIlvaine Rumors

Martin: I’ve seen fights, been a part of fights in practice, fights in the locker room after the game. … My rookie year, I saw Kendall Gill choke out Jim McIlvaine in practice. Choked him out in practice one day. Jim McIlvaine was wild. He elbowed him one day in practice, elbowed him a couple times, and Kendall got fed up. Grabbed him, put him to the ground, man, and choked him, like, “I’ll kill you!”
Jim McIlvaine: While I was within the timeframe of the study, I was not included in the survey. My final NBA injury was a ruptured calf on January 22, 2001, but along with it, I had partially-torn my Achilles tendon. It was the most-painful injury I had ever experienced and the longest recovery. It took me about seven months to get back on the court at full steam and even then, I didn’t have anywhere near the confidence that I had before the injury. The Nets already knew Jamie Feick’s career was over with his injury and perhaps fearing I’d come into camp and re-tear my Achilles and end up in the same position, the offered me a buyout. Add me to the list and the percentage grows to 42% of NBA players with Achilles tendon injuries never returning to the game.
Jim McIlvaine, a former NBA center who was secretary- treasurer of the union in 1998, said he wished there had been a similar handbook then. He added that not every player is likely to heed the advice now being offered. “You’re going to have people that aren’t smart with their money or make poor decisions,” McIlvaine, who was in New York for the Big East men’s basketball tournament as part of Marquette University’s radio broadcast team, said in an interview. “They can wallpaper the inside of guys’ houses with these things and there’s still going to be a guy who’s a knucklehead and not make good decisions.”