Jim Paxson Rumors

And then Paxson went on to be an executive with the Trailblazers and rebuild the Cavs. Which is why I asked Jim why I never hear his name come up in all these executive situations. He isn’t the pushy type, and very much enjoys his work with the Bulls. Still, he said he would like another chance to help build a franchise as he did with the Cavs. “I feel valued and the Reinsdorf family and Bulls organization has treated me great,” Jim says. “I really appreciate and respect the opportunity I’ve had with the Bulls for the last 10 years and the chance to work with my brother and what I do has been great. If I had the opportunity to be a strong second to a young GM getting in the league, I do feel I have a lot left to give and a lot of knowledge about the game and how things are done, and if I had that opportunity I’d embrace it.
“Personal things happened back then,” Paxson admitted alluding to his wife’s death from cancer in 2007. “I did a stretch consulting with Bulls, wasn’t out pushing myself. You know: Out of sight, out of mind.” Paxson isn’t looking to leave the Bulls and hardly unhappy. I was the one who began asking him about it because he’s always impressed as an excellent executive. And that Cavs team that went to the Finals so quickly in 2007 effectively was the one he built even if he was fired after the 2004-05 season when the franchise was sold.