Jim Sann Rumors

If Tim Walsh had his druthers, this story would have ended on Wednesday, February 4th, the day Brooklyn Nets advance scout Jim Sann was discharged from the hospital and returned home to his two children. But earlier this week, Walsh was named the recipient of the 2014-15 Joe O’Toole Athletic Trainer of the Year for the second straight season. His assistants, Lloyd Beckett and Alessandro Oliveira, were named assistant trainers of the year.
So Sunday morning, Sann felt his chest tightening again, popped another pill and thought it would just go away again. Only, it didn’t this time. Only, his heart started to pound through his chest, and Sann wobbled over to the basketball stanchion in the Nets’ practice facility. Now, the heart attack belonged to him. All those salads, all those workouts to that crazy Insanity DVD they sell on TV, and still Jim Sann had gone down, and gone down hard. “I had warning signs for weeks that this was going to happen, and I was stupid about it,” Sann told Yahoo Sports. “And my two kids were almost orphans because of that.”
“I do love this game and this is a great way to make a living,” Sann said. “I love the challenge of trying to figure out what teams are doing, the challenge of watching the very best coaches and best players every night and trying to give my team some insight that will help us win.” Someday, he’ll be back on the bench in the NBA. Advance scouting isn’t forever. He and his children had been through hell with the loss of his wife, and his friends will tell you Sann will often fly home on an off day, if it’s possible, just to spend a few extra hours with his kids. Sann checks out of the hospital in Jersey on Wednesday, leaving with a stent in his heart and time to return home to Manhattan to spend with the kids now.
It certainly has been a tumultuous opening two months of the season for the Nets, even beyond the disastrous 9-19 start for a team that had been tied with the Knicks for 11th place in the Eastern Conference. Last month, there was Kidd’s decision to reassign assistant coach Lawrence Frank. That came just weeks into the first year of six-year deal that was set to pay him a total of $6 million, after Kidd spent the first few days following his hiring this summer pushing Frank to join his staff. Kidd also confirmed to The Post he has had assistant coach Charles Klask — an assistant under Frank the last two seasons in Detroit — swap roles with advance scout Jim Sann, who was an assistant with the Nets under Frank during Kidd’s playing days with the franchise.