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You want to tell Morant how ridiculously difficult that will be? It would be like stepping in front of him when he’s driving the lane for an acrobatic dunk. This is how ridiculously difficult it is: Only three athletes, Jordan, Tiger and LeBron, have ever landed on the Forbes list of billionaires—all of them known by one name. Sort of like “Ja.” “I see unlimited potential,” says his agent, Jim Tanner of Tandem Sports + Entertainment, who, to be fair, would most likely get a cut of that billion. “I just look forward, like everybody else, to seeing how far he can take it.”
“The best comparison is Jeremy Lin,” he said. “Jeremy hired us right in the midst of Linsanity, and I think it’s very similar to what we experienced with Ja last year. There were so many opportunities coming to us in terms of marketing, PR, everything. You’ve got to be really focused, capable of handling a lot of things at once, and really helping him vet those opportunities to maximize both the money that comes along with them but also the authenticity of the fit.” Tanner then helped Morant negotiate a five-year rookie max extension this summer with the Grizzlies worth as much as $213 million.
“Players like Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Grant Hill have shown them the way in terms of using their platforms,” Tanner said. “Obviously, they earn a lot of money playing on the court, but they can also use the platform to go far beyond that in terms of wealth and investments. So they’ve seen those examples and players are learning from it.” Those opportunities will continue to expand for players moving forward, especially if the NBA salary cap grows in ways people think it may after the next TV deal is negotiated, where we could see salaries grow 30-40% and in several years see the highest-paid players approach $100 million per year.