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Jimmy Kimmel Rumors

Here’s the story, where he literally wore a Reebok jacket during a meeting with Nike executives. “Nike, they had like four or five people and it was always my dream to have a signature shoe. So when I went to Reebok, they was going to give me a signature shoe. Because I already had my Shaq emblem. I already had all the commercials. I had everything done in my head on how I wanted to go. So when I went to Reebok, they said they were going to do it,” Shaq said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. But we promised Nike that we would listen to them. So I wore my Reebok jacket to the Nike meeting. So I came back, and I signed with Reebok.”
Pacers center Myles Turner made an appearance on Saturday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live: NBA Finals Game Night, the basketball-themed version of ABC’s late-night talk show that served as a lead-in to Game 5 of the NBA Finals. In the episode, which was hosted by Anthony Anderson, Turner participated in a segment called “College Knowledge,” where players from two different universities compete in a trivia competition.
For this night at least, Turner and frontcourt mate Domantas Sabonis were adversaries, as Saturday’s matchup pitted Turner’s University of Texas against Sabonis’ Gonzaga University. Turner was paired with fellow Longhorn and Orlando Magic center Mo Bamba. They competed against recent Gonzaga stars Jalen Suggs and Joel Ayayi, both of whom are entrants into the 2021 NBA Draft.
But in the ultimate testament to the adage “persistence pays off”, Guillermo finally got the love he always wanted from LeBron James. The Lakers star finally admitted why he’d been giving Guillermo the cold shoulder all these years. “See Guillermo, he gave me an opportunity to focus even more during all those Finals runs I had, I was saying to myself ‘If I could block him out, then the fans have no chance.’”
Jaylen Brown may have hit his toughest shot of the year Thursday during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The Boston Celtics All-Star played a game of “Hell Hoop” prior to Game 2 of the NBA Finals on ABC. Brown was tasked with making a shot into a rotating hoop while inflatable defenders stood in his way. If he succeeded, he’d get $25,000 toward his 7uice Foundation.