JJ Barea Rumors

“(We’re) joking about it every time on the bench when he drives into the lane and somehow gets a weird-ass layup or a floater, and you’re like, ‘How the hell does he do that?’” Kleber said. “He just gives you a bump, and he shoots them even over big guys. He just has a special timing. I don’t know how he does it.” Barea is leading the league in assist percentage (48.7 percent), meaning nearly half of his teammates’ baskets when he’s on the court come from his own passing. Rick Carlisle prefers lineups with two ball handlers, but when Barea’s on the court without Luka Doncic or Dennis Smith Jr., he runs everything. Carlisle’s maximizing Barea’s time on the court without overworking him, which has allowed the 34-year-old to average just 19.9 minutes per game, his lowest figure in four years.