Joe Biden Rumors

The Los Angeles Lakers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will put “White House trip” on the calendar in the near future. Both championship squads will receive an invite from the president to visit, a change from the lack of invites and willingness from teams to go during the previous administration. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during a news briefing Monday both teams will be invited to visit with President Joe Biden “when it’s COVID-safe.”
Allen is hopeful Biden will help mend fences. Key to doing that is getting people to listen to one another again, Allen said. “First off, people have to listen. And people have to be willing to understand that in a compromise, you have to give something up, you don’t get everything that you want in this country, it’s not Democrat and Republican,” Allen said. “You know, we are far too embroiled in political parties right now where we want people from our party from another party to either win or lose in this country. They only care about winning, but it’s about making this country a better place. And it’s important that our politicians put their insignificant beefs and immaturity aside so we can actually see them work together.”